Surprise Me

A friend of mine and his guild recently transferred off their (very) dead server of Drak'Tharon to Stormreaver. I rolled a death knight named Vindin over there and joined their guild as a friend. I'm slowly leveling, and as I don't have a main or anything over there, I'm starting with no gold and no BoAs. I hit level 60 fairly quickly, but didn't have nearly enough gold for a flying mount (only had 100g or so).

While running around handing in quests and selling grays, a level 70 pally opens trade with me twice. I think he's accidentally doing this, so I close it and continue emptying my bags. Then he spoke.

That was the most unexpected and coolest thing that a random person has ever done for me in WoW.

So thank you, Lokisk of Stormreaver US. You are awesomesauce.


  1. Wow, that's so awesome! You know, just when I start to fear that the old WoW community is dying away, I read a story like this and hope is restored.

    Grats on your new mount! When you're leveled and rolling in gold, pay it forward. :D

  2. Yeah, I think I might have to troll around Hellfire and find someone else without a mount on my main's server.

  3. That's pretty darned cool. Grats on the mount!

  4. I had a very similar thing happen to me just a few days ago. On Tichondrius, a wolf hunter, name was something like Loliput, (have to check my friend list). He challenged me, and I dont turn down a challenge even if I'll get owned, which I did. He was better geared and far better skilled. He proceeded to give me 100 gold. I asked:
    "thanks! but why?"
    he said: "why not? lol"
    Thanks much!