20 Days of WoW Blogging Challenge - Day 8

The blogging challenge can be found at Spellbound by Saga.

10 Things.

1. While I'm a total melee dps lover, during WotLK I had 4 level 80 healers. 3 of them were ICC geared - my shaman Gneisha (yes, the one that is enh now), my druid Ðainz (who still heals, but tanked during BC and part of LK), and my paladin Shreya. I had a priest too, Miraclemaxxi, but I never really did anything on her. I'm just gonna say, during patch 3.3, I was BEAST at paladin healing. I have screenshots to prove it.

2. I'm awful at ranged dps. I've tried boomkin, elemental shaman, shadow priest. I suck. I don't know what it is, I try my hardest to get the rotations right, but I just suck. I'm leveling a hunter (slowly) to see if my fail includes all ranged classes or just the ones that throw magic missiles.

3. I love leveling alts. I have 1 of each class, and a few repeats on other servers. I currently have 3 85s, an 83, 66 and 67, and other assorted alts level 45 and under. I have tons of BoA gear, as you can imagine. TONS.

4. I'm awful at making gold. Grand total I have right now is probably about 11k. Actually probably less than that. Sadly, this is a lot better than what I was making back in LK, where having 1500g on one character was a feat for me.

5. I just quit my (terrible) job in favor of one that's slightly better and temporary but could turn permanent. It's a gamble. We'll see.

6. I used to work at a pet store for about 2 years. They fired me (twice actually), and it's one hell of a story. I'll just leave it at no, I didn't steal or kill anything, I don't think I deserved to be fired at all, and it absolutely devastated me. I loved that job, although I don't think I'd ever go back there. Now I can see the way they treated me wasn't right. But if you ever want to hear me ramble a lot, ask me about dogs or the pet store. I have some stories.

7. I love reading and writing. My favorite books include the Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter series. Also, the Inheritance series. When I was 16-17, a friend and I wrote a LOT of Harry Potter fanfic, and posted some of it. It helped hone my writing skills, although they still need some work. I'm currently working on a book, tentatively called Shifted (subject to change). I also have random plotlines and characters fleshed out in a special folder, with a grand total of about 5-6 books, 3 of them part of a trilogy. My favorite genre is fantasy/modern fantasy.

8. I'm 23 years old and have never been drunk a day in my life. For my 21st birthday I'm pretty sure I was on my computer. Same goes for most New Years. It's just not really my thing - I don't enjoy loud people, crowds, and drunks in general. And I'm Irish to boot. I've already had an Irish guy in my guild (our new PvP officer) that I'm not a real Irishman...woman...person. S'okay cause he has a great evil giggle.

9. I've had a grand total of 3 boyfriends in my entire life. The first lasted about 3 months before I broke up with him, the second about a month before he broke up with me, and the third - we're going on 6 years this October. He's my best friend. :)

10. I am the worst procrastinator in the world. I'm also ridiculously lazy and messy. My boyfriend does more cleaning and cooking than I do. I just really suck at cooking, and cleaning is the worst thing in the WORLD. Seriously.

10 1/2. I love dogs. LOVE DOGS. I love my golden retrievers and german shepards, and I love my chihuahuas. Yes, my rat dogs. I love them.

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20 Days of WoW Blogging Challenge - Day 7

The blogging challenge can be found at Spellbound by Saga.

The reason behind your blog’s name.

The idea for a consistently updated (lulz) full time WoW blog came around when I was trying to help my fellow officer and friend Mylindara come up with a name for his own WoW blog. He's primarily a resto shaman (although if you ask him he'll tell you he's 'pro at all healing), so I started spinning out things like "Totemly Awesome". I know, it's lame. Very lame. But I pushed for it all the same.

Luckily, he kindly shot my ideas down and picked Cleansing Waters instead, which is actually the name of a talent in the resto tree. It goes along well with the theme that resto shamans have a lot of spells based on water - Riptide, the Healing Waves and Surge, Mana Tide, Healing Rain, etc.

Now, I had already had this wild idea in my head that we would have sister blogs - his a healing on named Totemly Awesome, and mine the melee one named Totemly Bloody. If you look at my url, it actually says totemlybloody. There's a long story behind the 'bloodiness' of most of my screen names and whatnot, but I'd rather not lose the few readers I actually have. You'll have to satisfy yourself by knowing that my nickname in WoW is The Blood Queen. My little corner of the guild website is the Blood Queen's Lair. Once I got over the ridiculous notion of 'Totemly Bloody', Blood Queen's Lair was the title for about a week or so.

It just didn't really feel right though. It didn't really come across about what the blog was about. And I didn't really want to tell the Blood Queen story to newcomers. I changed it to Gneisha's Corner, but again, that didn't fit.

I was respeccing my shaman one day and there it was. Unleashed Rage. A sexy talent, and a name that made a whole lot more sense to a blog by an enhancement shaman.

Not to mention I do tend to go on rages and angry rants and fun stuff like that. So I renamed the blog, made a banner, and it worked.

And now I have to clean my keyboard cause I totally just dropped chocolate ice cream onto it. Awesome.


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Enhancement Shaman on Ascendant Council (BoT): Tips/Tricks

Note: This is not a complete guide to the boss fight, if you'd like a real guide please visit Tankspot.com or other such sites. This is merely tips and tricks an enhancement shaman can use to help keep their raid alive and maximize total raid uptime.

Phase One: Ignacious and Feludius

The usual strategy is to have melee dps on Ignacious and ranged on Feludius. However, in my guild I usually dps Feludius because I have the best interrupt in the game. This reduces a lot of random outgoing damage from Feludius's Hydrolance, which helps keep people alive and save healer mana. Good awareness will help you here, as Feludius also casts Glaciate which will kill you if you don't run out. You'll need to keep a good eye on both bosses health and slow or stop dps accordingly. Also, don't forget about Aegis of Flame and the interrupt that needs to go out. Usually I don't switch to Ignacious unless my dps is really needed to burn down the shield, but my guild does 25 mans and 10 mans may be different.

Phase Two: Arion and Terrastra

For this phase, you'll want to dps Terrastra unless Arion is way ahead in health. Remember, when Terrastra has Hardened Skin, they'll absorb a lot of damage until the shield is broken, in which they'll take a big hit. If Terrastra is already a bit low and has the buff on him, slow or stop your dps and possibly work on Arion. If you can interrupt the Harden Skin cast, do it. It's a pretty quick cast so be ready for it. There's really nothing too special you can do here as an enhancement shaman. If you see your group is a little low or healers struggling, use a 5 stack of maelstrom on chain heal. Usually there's a lot of movement in this phase, so Healing Rain is not necessarily a good choice unless you have everyone stacking up.

Phase 3: Elementium Monstrosity

During this phase you can help your healers out a lot. There's going to be a lot of damage going out, so as things progress start using maelstrom stacks on chain heal. Again, with all the movement Healing Rain isn't a good option. Another tip is to wait to blow Heroism until the Monstrosity is down to at least 20%. Blowing it right away is okay, but waiting that 5 or so percent really helps the healers. They're able to get more healing out with the haste buff when the damage gets a lot higher.

If you have any questions, leave a comment and I'll answer the best I can!


20 Days of WoW Blogging Challenge - Day 6

The blogging challenge can be found at Spellbound by Saga.

Your desk/workspace.

Well, after seeing Fannon's gorgeous work space, I'm a little embarrassed about my own, but here we go. I posted a video because I don't actually have a camera and my phone wouldn't send the photo. The TV is on in the background and I have absolutely no idea what's on, so don't ask.

I don't have any sort of special desk - I'd say it's probably the typical one you'd see from your average teenager/young adult. It's a tall, corner desk from Walmart - my brother has a similar one while my boyfriend has one of the long-rather-than-tall desks. You can see the wearing on the bottom where my feet usually sit. It's not pretty but it's sturdy.

Generally, my desk can be found covered in an assortment of used cups, soda bottles and/or cans, plates, and bags or wrappings from fast food. The black dish currents sitting on it has my leftovers from Taco Bell - Nacho Bell Grande, yum!

My computer is nothing special. It's a Dell that I bought about 4 years ago from Walmart as an all-in-one package about six months after I moved out of my mother's house. We're currently in the process of building me one that will play WoW at max settings. We have the video card, motherboard, and Windows 7 all ready for it, but I still need a case, processor, power supply, and a hard drive. My monitor is positioned off to the side because I actually had two of them side by side, but the one on the left died about 2 months after Cataclysm's release. It was very sad.

The stuffed animals sitting at the top (covered in dust, I'm sure) are presents from my boss at my old job (on the left) and my boyfriend's grandmother (on the right.)

And the "I *heart* U" written on duct tape is from my boyfriend.


So, not as nice and clean as Fannon's or I'm sure most others, but it's comfortable and I like it!

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20 Days of WoW Blogging Challenge - Day 5

The blogging challenge can be found over at Spellbound by Saga.

Your favorite item(s) in game.


I love mounts.

Horses, tigers, ugly-as-sin elekks, dragons with pine cone tails, hippogryphs, sparkle ponies, common mounts, rare mounts, achievement mounts, ugly bug mounts.


My very first mount was a Striped Nightsaber that I managed to buy at level 41 (this is back when you didn't get your first mount until 40. It was also a 3 second cast). I was ridiculously thrilled with it - after questing Duskwood and doing the horrible HORRIBLE run from Darkshire to Raven Hill about 20 times, finally having a method of traveling faster than run speed was a highly welcome prospect.

After hitting 60, I fought in Alterac Valley like it was my job to collect enough marks for the Stormpike Battle Charger. After seeing someone on it in Stormwind, I had to have it. It was my first epic mount, and my first epic in general. After purchasing it, I made celebratory laps around Ironforge for probably a good 20 minutes. I felt FAST! It was exhilarating!

Now, for someone like me who really loves having a lot of mounts, I ... really don't have very many ... at all.

My druid has the most, sitting pretty at a total of 67. My shaman only has 16, while most of my other characters will have 5 or less. This comes down to the fact that I am ridiculously, incredibly lazy. And easily distracted. I've tried farming the Winterspring Tiger rep - I'm as far as about 4k into honored. I've tried farming Rivendare's Deathcharger, Midnight (Fiery Warhorse), Anzu, White Hawkstrider, etc. It's just after a few runs, I'm so bored of it I go off to find something else to do. The same thing happens when I level archeology. It seems the only grind-y activity I can do is herbing or mining, and that's cause I'm a major node ninja. (I can't help it! I'm too competitive! I know it's a horrible practice!)

But, back to this mount business. My favorite ground mounts are usually horses. I'm particularly attached to the warlock's Felsteed and the Black Stallion. You don't see to many max level people riding on these old, level 20 mounts, and I'm immensely glad that all mounts scale with riding skill now. You also don't see very many talbuks anymore, at least on my server, so I really like using those mounts too. Plus, they're just cool and very different from other mounts you see in the game.

As for the skies, I used to be totally in love with the Headless Horseman's Steed until I got it on 3 different characters last year. Since then, it's lost of bit of it's charm for me. Now I like to use proto-drakes or other dragons. I have the Violet, Red, and Rusted Proto-drakes on my druid. My shaman just (literally 5 minutes ago) got the Drake of the West Wind from Bardin's Wardens. It's probably her most interesting mount. However, I am only 1 achievement off from the 10 man ICC bone drake - heroic Professor Putricide. I'm terrified I won't be able to get it before they take it out (I assume they might take it out one day, there's nothing about them taking those mounts out - yet). I think the drake is pretty ugly and I know I would be getting it well after the content is relevant.

But I want it anyway.

Oh yeah, love my kodo too :3

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We're Just a Couple of Misfits

This is a BlogAzeroth Shared Topic by Kamalia from Kamalia et alia.

Do your alts know each other?

I have a confession.

I'm a secret role player.

My main toon and high level alts are all on a PvP server. There's absolutely no RP there. There's only raiding and PvP and farming and grinding and all that fun stuff and there's nobody pretending to be their own characters. I have a few random lower level alts on different PvP servers.

And then there's Earthen Ring. Earthen Ring is my dirty little secret.

I first rolled a night elf priest named Dainz on Earthen Ring back in Burning Crusade as a joke. My server was down and to kill time I thought I would go poke fun at all the RPers. I know, I'm a jerk.

I quested quickly and made my way to level 10 to get out of the starter area. After that came the death run through Wetlands to Ironforge. Taking the tram to Stormwind, I put all my clothes in my bags and proceeded to run around naked, dancing and emoting with anyone I saw RPing. Most of them ignored me, some came out of character long enough to whisper me to go away. I found it all very hilarious until one of them actually included me in their role play.

As soon as that happened, I unconsciously started coming up with a background story for my little naked priest. She was an outcast. She had been tortured. She was well meaning but totally bonkers. Little tidbits and random things that kept building every time I revisited that server.

I now have a death knight (named Gneisha, surprise surprise) over there specifically for role playing.

Yes, her guild is Demon for Hire. I had a huge fit of giggles when I made it.

Ever since then, I tend to make up little bits of backstory and personality quirks for my characters. In my head, Gneisha is an outgoing, vivacious little vixen. Yes, a vixen. She's sexy and she knows it! On the other hand, my druid Ðainz is somewhat shy, very soft-spoken and kind. The paladin, Shreya, is brave and a bit reckless, but very just.

As for if they know each other...

I'd say Gneisha and Ðainz know each other, considering the amount of mail that goes between the two. Shreya doesn't know them, but has heard of them, and they've heard of her. Gneisha is the most prestigious of the three, having raided the most and possessing the best gear. Ðainz has been slowly getting into the raiding scene, while Shreya still isn't sure what she wants to do (i.e. she's hit level 85 and has both prot and holy gear, but neither sets are good enough for heroics). Giving my characters a bit of personality makes them a lot more interesting to play.

I've actually used Earthen Ring and its RPers as a testing ground for stories I write. The very first character I RP'ed with, the naked priest, has actually become a main character in my current endeavor, although she remains clothed. The inspiration I can get from just walking around watching other people RP or interacting with them is really cool, and I've decided if I actually do end up finishing this story and getting it published (miraculously) I'm going to dedicate it to the entire Earthen Ring server.


20 Days of WoW Blogging Challenge - Day 4

The blogging challenge can be found over at Spellbound (by Saga).

Your best WoW memory:

I think a lot of people here will say boss kills. Which is perfectly fine, of course, I love killing internet dragons as much as the next person. I would say our first Cho'gall kill was pretty good. As was downing Mimiron for the first time, he was a PITA. I was even allowed to dps him! Most of the time back then I was healing.

Killing my first ever raid boss was pretty epic too - Atunmen the Huntsman in Karazhan.

But my favorite WoW memory is a wipe.

It was a wipe in Ulduar, and it was before I truly joined Crimson Blades. I was in a pretty casual guild with a lot of real life friends, Dead by Dawn. We were working on Iron Council and the pull was going very well. I was tanking on my druid, and we had a great paladin tank, Volkart. He hardly ever lost threat and I loved tanking with him. We were destroying Steelbreaker when suddenly Volkart lost threat to our boomkin. Steelbreaker walked over and one shot the boomkin, splatted our warlock, and stomped on our priest and shaman before Volkart managed to get aggro back.

It was, of course, a wipe, as our two top dps and two healers were dead on the floor. We couldn't fathom what happened since, as I said before, Volk was an awesome tank. We were talking about it as we ran back and chalked it up to a bug in Steelbreaker's aggro table.

We were rebuffing and eating the feast and checking flasks when suddenly Volkart spoke.

"Hey...uh...guys. I think I know what happened. You see, my...bubble is...on cooldown...and..."

At this point nobody was even listening anymore because we were laughing too hard. Turns out he had meant to hit his 50% damage reduction shield but instead popped his bubble, causing the wipe.

It was the best wipe I've ever experienced, and we downed the Council on the next pull, I believe.

We still make jokes about it to this day, even though DbD is gone, and Volkart doesn't raid with us anymore (I believe his work schedule is too full). It is simply the funniest WoW wipe I've ever had.

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20 Days of WoW Blogging Challenge - Day 3

The blogging challenge can be found over at Spellbound (by Saga).

Your first day playing WoW.

My very first time playing WoW was...interesting to say the least. I started sometime between patch 2.3 and 2.4 in Burning Crusade - I remember when Sunwell came out, I think I was level 66 or so at the time. I remember it was February. I was coming from Diablo2, and switching to WoW was a little difficult. The way I held my hands on the keyboard, the way I moved, etc, it was all very new. In D2 I used my mouse to move (click-move). Using WASD for movement was one of the hardest things I had to learn, actually, because of the way I held my hand for D2. I had my pinkie on the tab, thumb on alt, and the three other fingers on 1-2-3 for potion using, and for easy reach to the F-keys for skills. Moving my hand over and down took forever for me to learn, I constantly reverted without even thinking about it.

I think I hit level 4 on my first day, and it took me forever to level. I jumped A LOT as you couldn't jump in D2. My first character was a night elf druid, and I really liked the flip they did.

I didn't get my bear form until almost level 15 because I was going through quests and stuff so slowly. I remember going well out of my way to avoid pretty much all mobs, even the neutral owls and whatnot. I avoided anything a higher level than me for fear of dying because I thought it would work like D2 and I would lose experience.

I used to get very frustrated trying to level and quest - I had absolutely no idea what I was doing and consequently died a lot (once I figured out dying didn't drop my gold all over the ground.) I was the very last one to hit 70 of the three of us that were playing (my brother and boyfriend and I started at the same time). I also leveled as feral (once I got bear form I was hooked on melee, although my druid is my healer now) and was expected to tank most of the time in dungeons. I was HORRIBLE. Luckily, we made friends with a really great paladin tank. My boyfriend had leveled a shaman and was a healer, and my brother was a mage, so we ran a lot of dungeons together.

I'd like to think I'm a lot better player than I was when I first started. I'm still not a very good tank, and it seems I'm not much good on the druid except for healing.

But I'm one BEAST enhancement shaman :3

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