20 Days of WoW Blogging Challenge - Day 7

The blogging challenge can be found at Spellbound by Saga.

The reason behind your blog’s name.

The idea for a consistently updated (lulz) full time WoW blog came around when I was trying to help my fellow officer and friend Mylindara come up with a name for his own WoW blog. He's primarily a resto shaman (although if you ask him he'll tell you he's 'pro at all healing), so I started spinning out things like "Totemly Awesome". I know, it's lame. Very lame. But I pushed for it all the same.

Luckily, he kindly shot my ideas down and picked Cleansing Waters instead, which is actually the name of a talent in the resto tree. It goes along well with the theme that resto shamans have a lot of spells based on water - Riptide, the Healing Waves and Surge, Mana Tide, Healing Rain, etc.

Now, I had already had this wild idea in my head that we would have sister blogs - his a healing on named Totemly Awesome, and mine the melee one named Totemly Bloody. If you look at my url, it actually says totemlybloody. There's a long story behind the 'bloodiness' of most of my screen names and whatnot, but I'd rather not lose the few readers I actually have. You'll have to satisfy yourself by knowing that my nickname in WoW is The Blood Queen. My little corner of the guild website is the Blood Queen's Lair. Once I got over the ridiculous notion of 'Totemly Bloody', Blood Queen's Lair was the title for about a week or so.

It just didn't really feel right though. It didn't really come across about what the blog was about. And I didn't really want to tell the Blood Queen story to newcomers. I changed it to Gneisha's Corner, but again, that didn't fit.

I was respeccing my shaman one day and there it was. Unleashed Rage. A sexy talent, and a name that made a whole lot more sense to a blog by an enhancement shaman.

Not to mention I do tend to go on rages and angry rants and fun stuff like that. So I renamed the blog, made a banner, and it worked.

And now I have to clean my keyboard cause I totally just dropped chocolate ice cream onto it. Awesome.


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