20 Days of WoW Blogging Challenge - Day 6

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Your desk/workspace.

Well, after seeing Fannon's gorgeous work space, I'm a little embarrassed about my own, but here we go. I posted a video because I don't actually have a camera and my phone wouldn't send the photo. The TV is on in the background and I have absolutely no idea what's on, so don't ask.

I don't have any sort of special desk - I'd say it's probably the typical one you'd see from your average teenager/young adult. It's a tall, corner desk from Walmart - my brother has a similar one while my boyfriend has one of the long-rather-than-tall desks. You can see the wearing on the bottom where my feet usually sit. It's not pretty but it's sturdy.

Generally, my desk can be found covered in an assortment of used cups, soda bottles and/or cans, plates, and bags or wrappings from fast food. The black dish currents sitting on it has my leftovers from Taco Bell - Nacho Bell Grande, yum!

My computer is nothing special. It's a Dell that I bought about 4 years ago from Walmart as an all-in-one package about six months after I moved out of my mother's house. We're currently in the process of building me one that will play WoW at max settings. We have the video card, motherboard, and Windows 7 all ready for it, but I still need a case, processor, power supply, and a hard drive. My monitor is positioned off to the side because I actually had two of them side by side, but the one on the left died about 2 months after Cataclysm's release. It was very sad.

The stuffed animals sitting at the top (covered in dust, I'm sure) are presents from my boss at my old job (on the left) and my boyfriend's grandmother (on the right.)

And the "I *heart* U" written on duct tape is from my boyfriend.


So, not as nice and clean as Fannon's or I'm sure most others, but it's comfortable and I like it!

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  1. It's funny, but I don't think of my space as 'gorgeous'. I think the biggest thing is that I have a rather obsessive wife who insists that I keep it completely spotless, otherwise I'd be much more of a slob.

    But really, when it comes to workspace (or play space), all that matters is to have a space that you're comfortable in and that works for you. I'm still getting used to my new space and it's just like putting on new shoes for the first time - it's not comfy until you break it in and get used to it.