20 Days of WoW Blogging Challenge - Day 5

The blogging challenge can be found over at Spellbound by Saga.

Your favorite item(s) in game.


I love mounts.

Horses, tigers, ugly-as-sin elekks, dragons with pine cone tails, hippogryphs, sparkle ponies, common mounts, rare mounts, achievement mounts, ugly bug mounts.


My very first mount was a Striped Nightsaber that I managed to buy at level 41 (this is back when you didn't get your first mount until 40. It was also a 3 second cast). I was ridiculously thrilled with it - after questing Duskwood and doing the horrible HORRIBLE run from Darkshire to Raven Hill about 20 times, finally having a method of traveling faster than run speed was a highly welcome prospect.

After hitting 60, I fought in Alterac Valley like it was my job to collect enough marks for the Stormpike Battle Charger. After seeing someone on it in Stormwind, I had to have it. It was my first epic mount, and my first epic in general. After purchasing it, I made celebratory laps around Ironforge for probably a good 20 minutes. I felt FAST! It was exhilarating!

Now, for someone like me who really loves having a lot of mounts, I ... really don't have very many ... at all.

My druid has the most, sitting pretty at a total of 67. My shaman only has 16, while most of my other characters will have 5 or less. This comes down to the fact that I am ridiculously, incredibly lazy. And easily distracted. I've tried farming the Winterspring Tiger rep - I'm as far as about 4k into honored. I've tried farming Rivendare's Deathcharger, Midnight (Fiery Warhorse), Anzu, White Hawkstrider, etc. It's just after a few runs, I'm so bored of it I go off to find something else to do. The same thing happens when I level archeology. It seems the only grind-y activity I can do is herbing or mining, and that's cause I'm a major node ninja. (I can't help it! I'm too competitive! I know it's a horrible practice!)

But, back to this mount business. My favorite ground mounts are usually horses. I'm particularly attached to the warlock's Felsteed and the Black Stallion. You don't see to many max level people riding on these old, level 20 mounts, and I'm immensely glad that all mounts scale with riding skill now. You also don't see very many talbuks anymore, at least on my server, so I really like using those mounts too. Plus, they're just cool and very different from other mounts you see in the game.

As for the skies, I used to be totally in love with the Headless Horseman's Steed until I got it on 3 different characters last year. Since then, it's lost of bit of it's charm for me. Now I like to use proto-drakes or other dragons. I have the Violet, Red, and Rusted Proto-drakes on my druid. My shaman just (literally 5 minutes ago) got the Drake of the West Wind from Bardin's Wardens. It's probably her most interesting mount. However, I am only 1 achievement off from the 10 man ICC bone drake - heroic Professor Putricide. I'm terrified I won't be able to get it before they take it out (I assume they might take it out one day, there's nothing about them taking those mounts out - yet). I think the drake is pretty ugly and I know I would be getting it well after the content is relevant.

But I want it anyway.

Oh yeah, love my kodo too :3

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  1. Brewfest Kodo is the best. Once I got that on my Paladin I my desire to play a Tauren kind of disappeared.

  2. I LOVE my kodo, but a lot of people on my server had it and used it (before Cata) and I like riding unique mounts! Hence all my talbuks and ponies. I like being exalted with Stormwind and/or Ironforge because the horses/rams are some of my favorite mounts and people tend to bypass them because they're 'common', so you don't actually see them too often!

  3. I too am one achievement short of the ICC drake, mine however is heroic Lady. It's a strange one not to have, I got it very early on alts, however when doing ICC10 on my Priest, we just never did Lady. It was either the achieve (full house) or rushing to the later bosses (while it was current). It isn't something that upsets me too much though, I'm not as in love with mounts as you, besides, I would rather have that nice Phoenix from Cata :P