20 Days of WoW Blogging Challenge - Day 4

The blogging challenge can be found over at Spellbound (by Saga).

Your best WoW memory:

I think a lot of people here will say boss kills. Which is perfectly fine, of course, I love killing internet dragons as much as the next person. I would say our first Cho'gall kill was pretty good. As was downing Mimiron for the first time, he was a PITA. I was even allowed to dps him! Most of the time back then I was healing.

Killing my first ever raid boss was pretty epic too - Atunmen the Huntsman in Karazhan.

But my favorite WoW memory is a wipe.

It was a wipe in Ulduar, and it was before I truly joined Crimson Blades. I was in a pretty casual guild with a lot of real life friends, Dead by Dawn. We were working on Iron Council and the pull was going very well. I was tanking on my druid, and we had a great paladin tank, Volkart. He hardly ever lost threat and I loved tanking with him. We were destroying Steelbreaker when suddenly Volkart lost threat to our boomkin. Steelbreaker walked over and one shot the boomkin, splatted our warlock, and stomped on our priest and shaman before Volkart managed to get aggro back.

It was, of course, a wipe, as our two top dps and two healers were dead on the floor. We couldn't fathom what happened since, as I said before, Volk was an awesome tank. We were talking about it as we ran back and chalked it up to a bug in Steelbreaker's aggro table.

We were rebuffing and eating the feast and checking flasks when suddenly Volkart spoke.

"Hey...uh...guys. I think I know what happened. You see, my...bubble is...on cooldown...and..."

At this point nobody was even listening anymore because we were laughing too hard. Turns out he had meant to hit his 50% damage reduction shield but instead popped his bubble, causing the wipe.

It was the best wipe I've ever experienced, and we downed the Council on the next pull, I believe.

We still make jokes about it to this day, even though DbD is gone, and Volkart doesn't raid with us anymore (I believe his work schedule is too full). It is simply the funniest WoW wipe I've ever had.

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  1. Hah! Very funny indeed! I like it most of all when people remember their best times as being fun with friends!