20 Days of WoW Blogging Challenge - Day 2

Ohh my, haven't really posted recently. Well, in like a week or so. Possibly longer. It's kind of funny but I feel guilty whenever I don't post at least once a week, although I suppose it's better to post less if your posts are good quality. But I wouldn't say this one is good quality.


Anyway, I do believe I will do Day Two of the blogging challenge now.

The blogging challenge can be found over at Spellbound (by Saga).

Why you decided to start a blog:



...I kind of want to be internet famous. I mean, that's not the ONLY reason I started the blog! I do enjoy writing posts, and feel like I (sometimes) have something to offer the WoW community, whether it be laughs or advice. But if I somehow got internet famous, that'd be okay too. I'm also partially inspired by Allie Brosh over at Hyperbole and a Half. While not a WoW blog, it's absolutely hysterical and I wish I could draw half as well in Paint as she can.

Whelp, this is rather short and sweet.

Here's a picture of a puppy to tide you over.


Squeeeeee XD

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