A Slap in the Face

My guild's website is generally my responsibility. I post the most, I start the most threads. You'll see my name everywhere. I'm basically the main moderator. Before I ever was promoted to officer, my GM came to me and said "think you can keep the website interesting so people use it?" I was up for the challenge and have been ravenously posting things, pictures, starting new threads, etc, ever since.

As such, when my guild started recruiting recently, I did my part. I made a front page post about it, including classes/specs we were looking for and a bit of our background. I also spruced up the recruitment section of our forums. I re-did the guild application, made sure there were links to the post about our loot system, guild rules, etc. I completely overhauled the guild rules so they weren't so tedious to read, shortened them up, trimmed a lot of the extra fluff, and updated them to our current rules and raiding systems. They're also more of a pleasure to read as I tried to make them lighthearted and funny. I'm a writer at heart, so this kind of thing is actually fun for me.

So it's really really frustrating when out of the (so far) three applications posted, it's obvious to me that not one of these people actually read the guild rules. (I included a line in the rules that says they must include a reference to it so I would know if they actually looked at them or not.) They didn't skim the tips I provided on how to make your application look better, or at least didn't follow them. It's all there to help them look better to us, and really takes about 5 minutes tops to read it all.

It's even more frustrating when I pointed this out to another officer in my guild, and she just said that asking well geared people to read over things like guild rules/etc might be offensive to them because they're already geared. That was like a slap in the face. It's just guild rules! It's mostly stuff about our raiding team, how we do loot and stuff. You'd think that would be pretty important. In my personal opinion, it just shows laziness and inability or unwillingness to follow really simple instructions.

Since then, I've trimmed the rules a bit more and did some highlighting and bolding for those that just skim them.

But it's still extremely frustrating. It's like all my hard work trying to make these things really easy and fun to read just get overlooked, and it makes me feel totally unappreciated, even within my fellow officers. It's like pulling teeth to get feedback on anything I write. Nobody even uses our forums half the time, no matter how hard I try to keep it interesting, not even the other officers. Sometimes I feel like I've been given this responsibility because I'll do the least damage there or something.



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  1. Unless ALL the officers are focused on making the forums the place to be it's really hard to get people there, even in our guild where they are ravenously promoted we sometimes have troubles, however one thing we are very sticky about is that the applications are done with a LOT of effort, we have literally turned down VERY geared people before with a lot of experience because they didn't take their time and do the application properly. Believe me, the people that won't follow instructions on apps, are also the people that ninja-afk, can't follow instructions, rage over loot, etc. Not following instructions on apps is just like not following Raid Leader instructions IMO. (Text wall crit?)