Girls Don't Play WoW

I think I read somewhere that approximately 1 in 5 WoW players are girls. I know there's plenty of girls in my guild, and I'm pretty sure I'm a girl, so it makes me chuckle when I see people spouting that girls don't play WoW or any type of video game.

I found this screenshot that I took probably...oh, like 7 months ago. My brother made another account using the Recruit-A-Friend feature and I was helping him level his new characters by playing the mage on the new account. We hit level 15 and immediately started to run random dungeons - mostly Ragefire Chasm at that level.

After two runs we queued again, got into the dungeon, buffed up and started pulling. Now, this run was going quite quickly - my brother's rogue had the Bind on Account gear, the other dps had some BoA gear, and the "tank" (a warrior with a 2hander) had a full set of BoA gear. We were blowing through the mobs and the healer (a druid) was easily keeping everyone topped off.

Now my brother is an asshole and forgets that he is not a tank so he pulled a few things by himself in which the tank pretty much had a mini-heart attack, refused to tank anymore - refused even to do any damage.

You know what? I'm just going to post the screenshot I took of part of the conversation we had. Xtinc is me, Adalyth is my brother. The party leader is the warrior, and the other guy talking is the dps paladin who sided with the warrior.

P.S. Click to make the image larger.


  1. Wow, you have the patience of a saint for putting up with that. I'm pretty certain I would have quit that group much, much, much quicker than that. Low level dungeons are great, but damn, not worth dealing with that kind of immature asshattery.

  2. We actually finished the dungeon too, with my brother tanking on his rogue XD The healer was a good sport lol