Guild Events - What do you do when your guild is ridiculously boring?

We've all probably run across this before (and if you haven't, consider yourself blessed). Your guild doesn't really do much. Maybe they have a raid team that raids a few nights a week, or a rated battleground team. But what about the nights where there's nothing scheduled, or the people who are in the guild for more social and/or casual reasons? Nobody likes to be left out, and planning fun activities for your guild can keep people in the guild and keep them interested!

Here's a few fun ideas for you GMs or officers out there:

Guild Heroics: Nobody really enjoys pugging, right? Especially not dps! So have a night devoted to guild heroics. Low on tanks and healers? Rotate the dps in the groups so as many people as possible can get at least their daily done. It helps gearing your guild and raises morale.

Crafting/Fishing Parties: This is especially useful if you're going for some of the guild achievements, such as "That's a Lot of Bait". Post times on your calender or guild website. Set a goal for how many fish you'd like caught or things crafted (such as flasks). Now get some prizes together - everyone likes prizes! Recently my guild did a fishing party and we gave away some of the rarer non-combat pets. The easiest way to do this is have your party do a /roll. You can have the prizes go to the highest or lowest roller, or give the prizes away in another way. We ended up fishing up about 3,000 fish in an hour and a half with just 7 people. We also had someone fish up the Turtle Mount after about half an hour!

Raffles: Easy! Just have someone in charge of raffle 'tickets', and keep a list of who bought how many and what their numbers are. We used to do this to promote attendance to our 25 man raids in WotLK. Wednesdays and Thursdays we would sell tickets for half an hour before the raid for 20g a piece. Raiders could buy 5 tickets on Wednesday and 3 tickets on Thursday, for a total of 8 tickets. The raffle was held Thurdays after the raid, and we usually gave away 3 main prizes, and sometimes a few bonus or joke prizes. Good prizes include gems, flasks, buff food, enchants, and gold :)

Casual PvP Events: This I'm going to break down into 3 groups.

Duel Off: Bracketed, single elimination combat. Arena rules apply unless otherwise noted. Pairings are randomly generated. Possible prizes for longest duel, top 3 or 4 people, most exciting duel. Flasks, elixirs, potions, and food buffs are not allowed. Only self buffs. Alchemy “Flask of Enhancement” is acceptable.

Last Man Standing: Takes place at the Gurubashi Arena. 10-20 players enter, one player leaves. Once killed players may not release until the winner is decided. Prizes for the “last man standing” and the two runner ups. Arena rules do not apply unless otherwise noted. Flasks, elixirs, potions, and food buffs are not allowed. Only self buffs. Alchemy “Flask of Enhancement” is acceptable.
Here's a video of a sort of "Last Man Standing" we hosted awhile ago in WotLK. We didn't have very many rules at the time :)

Guild Arena: Teams of 2, 3, 5, and 10 face off in the Gurubashi Arena. Players may not release when killed. However, they may be resurrected if a player can cast a full length rez spell. Arena rules apply. Flasks, elixirs, potions and food buffs are not allowed. Buffs from teammates and alchemy “Flask of Enhancement” is acceptable. A guild officer “referee” must be in both groups to determine nobody releases and runs back. These referees may not be attacked and/or killed. The two teams may be in vent, but must be in seperate channels along with their assigned referee. Can count as practice for arena teams/rated BG teams.

Obviously, you can take any of these ideas and tweak them to better fit your guild.

Have fun!

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